11. Craigmore

Photograph of 11th green

One of the longest holes on the course and often played into the prevailing wind. A good straight drive is required. Definitely avoid the left hand side, but the fairway bottlenecks at about 230 yards from the tee, so care is required all round. The approach, which must be carried all the way to the distant green, is played against the magnificent backdrop of the Queen Elizabeth forest, with Ben Lomond off to the left.

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1. Braeval3184
2. Sandhills3404
3. Quarry3594
4. Alma2564
5. Monivrachie2273
6. Ditches1603
7. Fairy Knowe3054
8. Limecraig1583
9. Elizabeth's View3764
10. Roderick1234
11. Craigmore4014
12. White Rose1694
13. Dounans1594
14. Alsheen4173
15. Ladybank3263
16. Ben Lomond3454
17. Coombie's Walk3523
18. Home3684


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