2. Sandhills

Photograph of 2nd green

The steeply sloping fairway tends to take the drive down to the right hand side, so aim as close as you dare to the semi-rough on the left. A long drive can carry the top of the hill and reach the flat ground beyond. The approach needs to carry a narrow ditch about 20 yards short of the green. The hill on the left will help a shot in that direction, but a deep bunker lies to the right.

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1. Braeval3184
2. Sandhills3404
3. Quarry3594
4. Alma2564
5. Monivrachie2273
6. Ditches1603
7. Fairy Knowe3054
8. Limecraig1583
9. Elizabeth's View3764
10. Roderick1234
11. Craigmore4014
12. White Rose1694
13. Dounans1594
14. Alsheen4173
15. Ladybank3263
16. Ben Lomond3454
17. Coombie's Walk3523
18. Home3684


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